At Northbourne, staff think about three inter-related components when considering how to develop the spirituality of our pupils (from the work by Liz Mills, 2002).  These strands are:

Opening windows, by giving children the opportunities to look out and think about the world in different ways (this strand involves learning about the world, different people, their thoughts and beliefs);

Showing mirrors, with children being provided with opportunities to reflect on their experiences and consider their responses to the world’s ‘big questions (this relates to children learning from life and their experiences);

Opening doors, by providing opportunities for pupils to respond to all of this – doing something (talking, creating, writing) to express, apply and further develop their thoughts and convictions, and put into action what they have learnt.

As well as planning for spiritual development across the curriculum, staff seize all opportunities – those small daily moments of ‘awe and wonder’ – to put great emphasis on this aspect of our work, to ensure they learn more about themselves and the world around them.