Our published admissions number for each of our seven year groups (Reception – Y6) is 45.  These year groups are structured into 11 classes, all named after birds, as shown in the table below.

We admit children to our Nursery class, Penguins, at the start of the term after they have turned 3-years-old and offer 30-hour places for eligible children.  Please get in touch with our office for any queries about our Nursery provision.


Year Group

Current Teacher

Puffins Reception Mrs. Jenny Alleway
Swans Reception Mrs. Sharon Stanley
Nightingales Y1/2 Miss Katie Richardson
Wrens Y1/2 Mrs. Jackie Wyard
Robins Y1/2 Miss Jessie Kellock
Owls Y3/4 Mr. Dan Guy
Falcons Y3/4 Mrs. Anna Conway (0.6fte) and Mrs. Hayley Smith (0.4fte)
Hawks Y3/4 Mr. David Macfarlane
Kites Y5/6 Mrs. Zoe Enevoldsen
Eagles Y5/6 Miss Lyn Hill
Kestrels Y5/6 Miss Rebecca Humphries


Children in Key Stage One (Y1 and 2) and Key Stage Two classes (Y3, 4, 5 and 6) are taught in phases of 3 parallel classes.  These have an equal split of both year groups, both genders etc, and are not ability based. This structure allows our staff to share their strengths by working collaboratively, and allows us to look at social and friendship groups when structuring classes in this part of school.