Closing the school is always a last resort; we understand the impact this has on families and the disruption it causes to childrens’ education.  However, if we are unable to make the site safe for use, or if travel conditions make it unsafe for parents, children and staff to reach school at the start of the day, we have to sometimes make the decision to close or delay opening.

When this is the case, we will post a message on the homepage of our website and send home a ParentMail, so please check your ‘phones and email accounts.  We also inform Oxfordshire County Council who should keep their school closure page updated.  Local radio stations are also informed. 

During any closure, we will aim to provide updates about likely days and times for re-opening as soon as we are able to do so, so please continue to check these forms of communication.  Please keep in mind that calling the school office to check whether school is opening is not always a useful option as this blocks ‘phone lines when decisions are being made.  If there is light snow at the start of the day and you do not receive any email communication / the websites do not specify a closure, please assume that school is open as normal.


Closure Announcements

Closures are announced during the breakfast shows on:

  • BBC Radio Oxford (95.2 FM)
  • Heart (102.6 or 97.4 FM)
  • FM 107.9
  • Jack FM (106.8 FM)

Closures are also published on the Oxfordshire County Council website.