Following the disruption to learning caused by school closures from March 2020, the government have announced £1 billion of additional funding to support children on their return to school.  This includes a £650 million universal catch-up premium for 2020-21 to ensure that schools can support pupils in making up for any loss of learning.

Funding allocation

School allocations for the £650 million universal catch-up premium are calculated on a per pupil basis, providing each mainstream school with £80 per pupil for pupils in YR – Y6.  This creates a one-off payment likely to be 307 pupils (at time of October census) x £80 = £24,560.  This is paid in 3 tranches (Autumn 2020, early 2021 and summer 2021).  While the funding is calculated on a per pupil basis, schools have been told to use the sum available to them as a single total from which to prioritise support for pupils depending on their need.

Our plan for the use of this funding is available here.