Our school day starts when our gate opens at 8:45am.  Children then have until 8:55am to make their way to their classrooms for registration; teachers are always available during this ten minutes to answer any questions or to pass on any messages while children settle to their learning.

Pupils in Key Stage One and Two (Y1–6) usually have a planned fifteen minute break during the morning, during which time they are provided with free fruit and vegetables (in Y1 and 2) or can visit our healthy snack bar (25p per item).  Lunch is then staggered for each age phase: children in Reception have from 11:15am – 12pm, children in Y1 and 2 have 11:45am – 12:30pm, and pupils in Key Stage Two have their lunch between 12:10 and 12:55pm.

Aside from this, school staff use the day as flexibly as possible to meet the learning objectives they have planned. Children would typically have an hour each for English and Maths, plus a Phonics session (for Reception and Key Stage One children), each day, but staff have flexibility in timetabling these to make the most of children’s learning time.

Our school day ends for all children at 3pm (3 – 3:15pm for Nursery).