Extra-curricular Activities and Educational Visits

Northbourne offers a rotating range of activities after school such as Athletics, Choir and Gardening. Full details, including days of the week and times, will be sent home through ParentMail. Please look out for this and fill in the form sent home to secure your child’s place. The vast majority of clubs run by school staff are free.

We also take part in a number of competitive sports games against other schools and in district tournaments; we strive to ensure as many children as possible have the opportunity to take part in these events during their time in school. If your child is involved, we send details of any competitions home with as much notice as possible, and always strive to arrange any transport to and from the event. Often, parents will be welcome to help or spectate at these competitions.

We try to offer peripatetic musical instrument tuition for children where there is enough demand in school, and where we can find high quality tutors. At the moment, we have groups and individuals learning piano, flute and guitar. If your child would like to start lessons for these instruments (some of which are limited to different aged children), please ask at the school office.

Cycle training courses are organised for pupils in Year 5 and 6 through the national Bikeability scheme. Details are sent home to parents when their children start their time in Y5 and Y6 and we aim to ensure all pupils who are interested have the opportunity to take part.

Each year, pupils in all classes are involved in a range of visits and trips. These include local visits – such as to the library or park – and those further afield, such as to Cotswold Wildlife Park, the Living Rainforest, Oxford Castle or Winchester Science Centre. Pupils in Y4 are offered the opportunity to take part in a two-night residential visit to Youlbury, and pupils in Y6 take part in a week-long activity week in Brecon. Details of all trips, including an indication of expected cost, are sent home at the start of the year to help parents budget accordingly. More details and specific costs and timings are then sent home with as much notice as possible, along with details of who to speak to if payment causes a problem. More details are included in our Charging and Remissions Policy, found under the School Policies & Procedures tab.