Northbourne CE Primary School is committed to nurturing excellence – providing the best possible education for all of our pupils.  We embrace the concept of equal opportunities for all.  We strive to provide an inclusive environment where all pupils feel valued, can learn about themselves and the world, and can learn and grow together.

For a child to reach their full potential, a high level of school attendance is essential.  We consistently work towards a goal of 100% attendance for all pupils.

Attendance has an obvious impact on attainment at school. Research shows that almost half of children who miss 15 days of school a year do not reach the expected levels at the end of primary school.  Attendance also impacts on children’s friendships and social skills, as they miss out on spending time with their friends.

Did you realise…

Whilst 90% attendance may sound good, this actually means that over a year a child will have missed half a day a week…or 4 weeks of the school year…or a more than a year of their school career if this level of attendance is the same across the whole of their time at school.  Attendance at this level is classed as ‘persistent absence’ by the government, due to the proven impact this has on how well a child does in school.

Of course, odd illnesses are to be expected. At school, we do what we can to prevent the spread of these by teaching even the youngest children about the importance of hygiene and keeping their hands clean. We do not expect that children are dragged into school when they are ill!  However, there are ways you can help. We appreciate it is not always possible, but, by trying to arrange any routine, non-emergency medical or dental appointments after school or in the holidays, your child’s attendance will improve. You can also help by keeping us informed about any issues, to help us tackle these as soon as they arise.

A reminder, too, that registration starts for all children each morning at 8:55am.  At this point, children should be in school, ready to start learning.  Late arrival is disruptive for pupils and teachers, and causes embarrassment for the child arriving late.  Please help us avoid problems by making sure you arrive at school in plenty of time to help get the day off to a good start!

To ensure our pupils are safe, we follow up any absence with a phone call home.  If your child is too unwell to be in school, please call the main office on (01235) 817744 to let us know and avoid us disturbing you during the day.

More information is available in our Attendance Policy found under the School Policies & Procedures tab.