At Northbourne we understand and value the link between the child as a reader and the child as a writer and, in our Writing Curriculum, aim to immerse children in texts which provide rich language models and structures for their own work. We also know that, in order for children to become confident and successful writers, they need to be given time to develop and understand the secretarial skills and craft of writing as well as being given meaningful purposes for writing. They need to be given time to develop and rehearse ideas for their writing and, through high quality teaching and modelling, be taught how to draft, edit and publish their work to a high standard. We want children to:

  • Enjoy writing, be confident and not hesitate in putting their ideas on paper;
  • Recognise the need to adapt their writing to suit a range of audiences and purposes;
  • Use the most appropriate form of writing for a given task;
  • Use spelling and grammar accurately and with confidence;
  • Use a fluent and legible handwriting style in which to write;
  • Have the skills and confidence to revise and edit work in progress.

The key objectives for Writing for each year group are shown at the links in the table below:

Writing Curriculum: Y1 Writing Curriculum: Y2 Writing Curriculum: Y3
Writing Curriculum: Y4 Writing Curriculum: Y5 Writing Curriculum: Y6