At Northbourne, our Phonics teaching and learning follows the Phonic Scheme, Read Write Inc. This begins in Nursery where the children learn the images and set 1 sounds. The teaching then continues as the children progress through Reception and Key Stage 1, learning new sounds and then alternative sounds. Alongside the learning of sounds, the children are taught how to use these sounds when blending to read and segmenting to spell.  Through assessments, the children are grouped for their reading books which they read three times in school before bringing it home to read.  As this book is not new to the children, they can develop their fluency, pace, and comprehension.  Together with their reading book, they will also bring home additional books that contain the same sounds. Children who require extra support with phonics will have additional small group teaching.

Children in KS2 who still require phonics teaching remain in the phonics groups.