At Northbourne, our mission of nurturing excellence is underpinned by our aim of providing an inspiring curriculum and environment that ignites a love of learning and educates all children to excel as individuals.  We strive to plan and deliver:

  • An active, hands-on curriculum which provides a range of motivating and exciting opportunities across all subject areas
  • A thematic curriculum that draws creative and meaningful links between a range of curriculum subjects
  • A curriculum that is up-to-date, relevant and prepares children for life in a rapidly changing world
  • A curriculum which provides stretch and challenge for all pupils, and which constantly stimulates and broadens their interests.

Our curriculum meets all statutory National Curriculum 2014 requirements.  Long-term curriculum plans are reviewed by teaching staff and subject leaders on an annual basis.  Pupils are involved in evaluating each topic taught, and are increasingly involved in identifying the knowledge, skills and outcomes they would like to be included in the next week, or phase, of their learning.  Where evaluations show topics have been less successful in meeting the aims outlined above they are altered or replaced for the following cycle, providing the elements of the statutory Programmes of Study (PoS) which are removed can be incorporated into alternative topics.

As teachers plan in phases (Key Stage One, Lower Key Stage Two and Upper Key Stage Two), pupils are taught on a two-rolling cycle – so, a child in Y1 will learn one set of topics and then a different set in Y2.  The most recent of our two-year cycles are shown below.

Please note that, for 2020-21, classes at the lower end of the school have been restructured to help address some of the learning pupils have lost during the school closure in 2020.  As a result, an interim one-year cycle is in place for our 3 parallel Reception / Y1 classes.  The 2 Y2 classes follow the curriculum plan outlined below.